Raised By Myths
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thepaperbeast: New little motivational reminder to look up to, via this amazing gift fresh off the letterpress from Magda Ksiezak aka Okay Kiosk - thanks Magda, you rule!

ronbeckdesigns: Yoshitomo Nara | Ceramics 

monsieurleprince: Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel (1839 - 1929) - Le lis est mort

Shia <3


"Klyuchevskoy" by Marc Szeglat

    Jeffrey’s Underpants By Ken kagami

    Haiku no.2 By Laurence Demaison

    Snow White By Sanne de WIlde

    Marina and the Diamonds - Froot

    jordibartalot: 🍏


bill murray
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    The banquet by René Magritte

    My White Trash Family By Kim Alsbrooks