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Common Projects Fall/Winter 2014

Gondzin By Edward Carvalho Monaghan for Printed Pages

5B VHS Skateboards

Water meets colour, colour meets water By Arnaud Lajeunie

Casey Gray

Tim Lahan


Faience handle of a lion biting a Nubian 
There is also gold and bone in the handle. It is 3cm high, 4,3cm long and 3cm wide ( 1 3/16 x  1 11/16 x 1 3/16 inch.) 
Egyptian, New Kingdom, 19th dynasty, Ramesside Period, reign of Ramses II, 1279 - 1213 BC. 
Source: Metropolitan Museum



Jeremy Fish

Wasted Rita

View of Paris By Martin Rico Ortega

Population By Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup

Castle By Karl Friedrich Lessing

Roches Mammifères — Dissimulaits